June 27, 11:00
San Francisco, CA

Kranky Geek WebRTC Show
WebRTC for web developers
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Tsahi Levent-Levi

A technologist at heart, with a passion for cooking, science fiction and a zest of WebRTC.

Chris Koehncke

Prolific writer & commenter on emerging communications technologies.

Serge Lachapelle
Google Group Product Mgr

Product manager for WebRTC @ Google, expertise in Real Time Communications

Why attend?

Here's why you should attend this event

WebRTC isn't widely understood, but it has some powerful capabilities to change the way we communicate, not just between ourselves but to change the entire experience on the web. The objective of this event is to (1) provide technical knowledge on the construct of WebRTC, (2) show you real life examples of how to embed into your application, (3) inspire you with new ideas from our speakers and finally (4) the future of WebRTC as it hits mobile devices.

In attending previous WebRTC events, we found them too "Goldilocks", not technical enough, too commerical or mired in standards discussions. We thought we could do better. After talking with others, we realized we weren't alone in thinking this. The kind folks at Google echo'd some similar feelings and they urged us to up the game by putting together an event with topics that we wanted. Thus this Kranky Geek event was born.

The event on Friday, 27. June 2014 is neighboring the massive Google I/O conference so we're hoping you're in town and in the mood to learn more about WebRTC. It's a lot to cover in a 1/2 day session and our pace will be fast, but we're aiming to inspire you.

If you can't attend, this event will be broadcast LIVE on YouTube and available for later replay (sign up for the WebRTC Weekly newsletter below to ensure you get the links.

This event is FREE courtesy of Google and the event sponsors.

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Great thanks to these sponsors for their economic & intellectual contribution to this event.

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This is a great opportunity to learn about WebRTC first hand, find out what others have done and see first hand how to create a WebRTC application. While we've got some sponsors, this is an educational event to help you getting a better understanding of WebRTC.

Please note this event is being held at Google's offices in downtown San Francisco. Registration will close 2 days prior to event and please arrive at 11:00 to allow time to gain entrance to the building, get registered and grab some early lunch. Confirmation emails will provide logistical details.



  • Google 6th floor
    345 Spear St, San Francisco, CA
    Logistics with registration
  • (415) 528-6048
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