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9:00 am
~ 1 hour

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Doors Open. Welcome to the 8th Kranky Geek event! The event will start promptly at 10:00 am.

10:00 am
~ 10 min


Welcome and event overview from Kranky Geek!

~ 20 min

Multiparty Voice and Video for Gamers

Discord will share the engineering and product decisions that enabled us to massively scale our operations with a small team and limited resources. We will focus on WebRTC modifications that enabled us to improve user experience for gamers.

~ 20 min
Facebook Team

Adding smarts to a video chat camera

Facebook’s Portal is a WebRTC-based video calling gadget where users have a smart self guided camera, which can also be controlled by the receiver, but ultimately still needs to interop nicely with other devices in order to leverage the larger reach, without sacrificing quality. Here’s how Facebook met that challenge.

~ 20 min


~ 20 min

Open source tools for cloud-based video and vision processing

As video streams grow in complexity and users seek deeper analysis of their contents, new cloud tools are needed to handle increasing processing needs. Intel will discuss some newly-open-sourced visual processing tools, including codecs, for the accelerated growth of the visual cloud.

~ 20 min

More than speech: leveraging paralinguistics for improved analytics

Our speech contains so much more than the words we speak – tone, pitch, cadence, volume and other factors give signals that sometimes carry just as much information if not more than the speech itself. Walter will discuss some of these metrics, how to capture them, and how they can be used in speech analytics applications.

~ 20 min

Speech Recognition for Meetings: Technical Challenges

Understanding and transcribing speech in a real-world, noisy meeting environment is no simple task. Hear Ahmad speak to the multiple ways he has explored the ability to train machines to understand the words spoken and the multiple layer engines applied to improve accuracy.

~ 60 minutes

Lunch Break

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and coffee/tea/water will be served during the event. Vegetarian, gluten free, and vegan meals will be served. You are also welcome to bring your own food, if you’d like.

~ 10 min

Girl Develop It!

Kranky Geek is proud to sponsor Girl Develop It! Lets give them a moment to explain their mission.

~ 20 min

Voicebot Architectures for Contact Center Transformation

This talk will take a look under the hood at some of the ways AI is being injected into call centers including voice BOTs that understand natural language and cognitive assistants that help reduce call hold times with live agents. Brian will also raise some of the challenges that are commonly encountered along the way.

~ 20 min

Making sense of jargon with custom language models

Every industry and organization has its own unique vocabulary. Speech analytics engines trained on a standard dictionary will never get these words right even though they are often some of the most important ones to catch. Etienne will discuss how to design and build a custom language model without intensive retraining for every environment.

~ 20 min

Connecting a real time voice to cloud speech to text engines

Consumers are used to talking to voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, yet they get awful touchtone interfaces when they call customer service. That is about to change as voicebots powered by popular bot Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engines meet RTC. Nexmo will give a walkthrough on how to build a conversational IVR in minutes using Dialogflow as an example.

~ 20 mins


~ 30 min

Applying Machine Learning to optimize end-to-end RTC Networks

WebRTC produces mountains of data that can be used to optimize streams and debug problems – if you know where to look. This talk describes how AI and ML techniques are used to analyze RTC metrics and overcome key challenges, including identifying the root cause of communication impairments, determining where to put your infrastructure, and adjusting end-point configurations in real time for changing network conditions

~ 20 min

Stream quality measurement with Machine Learning

There are many established methods for measuring media quality, but accuracy of these systems often varies based on the end point manufacturer and model. RingCentral will demonstrate how it uses Machine Learning (ML) with Deep Neural Networks (DNN) to predict stream quality in highly variable environments with 99% accuracy. The session will examine the methodology and how it applies to telephony networks and beyond.

~ 30 min

WebRTC 1.0 and Audio in Chrome

Google will give an update on its contributions to WebRTC and the status of WebRTC 1.0 in Chrome. The presentation will feature a deep-dive into the soon-to-be-completed architectural changes in Chrome aimed to make real time audio more robust and echo free.

~ 20 min


Get some food, ask some questions, make some connections.

~ 20 min

Deep Learning for Mobile Platforms: Performance and Complexity Analysis

Deep learning algorithms have been employed in many areas of real time video communications and broadcast. Small platforms such as mobile phones and tablets present significant challenges for the deep learning algorithms to achieve the desired performance and complexity. This study presents ways to alleviate the challenges by analyzing and optimizing the learnability of a deep neural network, and results are demonstrated.

~ 20 min

Exploring On-Device Machine Learning for RTC applications

ML has been successfully applied for audio and video applications but the usage in real time applications adds some new challenges. In the last years mobile OS providers have started to provide ML capabilities(CoreML, MLKit…) to overcome some of those limitations with on-device ML processing. Gustavo Garcia from Houseparty will review the status and capabilities of some of those APIs with a few examples of how to leverage them.

~ 20 mins

Mixed Reality meets WebRTC for Remote Assistance (HoloLens)

Mixed and Augmented reality aren’t just for games – XR is being used today for assisting remote field workers. In this talk James will discuss the challenges of streaming MR/AR with WebRTC using the HoloLens as an example

17:00 - 19:00
~ 2 hrs


After Hours reception, with great wines from Grant Marie Winery, cocktails (including non alcoholic) from Alcademics, and live DJ music by Smoke Jumper


Many thanks to these sponsors for their economic & intellectual contribution to Kranky Geek worldwide events.
Beverages for Kranky Geek supplied by Grant Marie Winery and the mixologists at alcademics
DJ music by Smoke Jumper

Expert speakers

Meet the great speakers at this year’s event

Curtis Peterson

RingCentral, SVP Operations

    Arthur Alem

    Facebook, Software Engineer

      Eric Hwang

      Facebook, Software Engineer

        Olga Sharonova

        Google Sr. Software Engineer

          Michal Raz

          Nexmo, VP of Global Partnerships

            Jeff Shukis

            CTO - Voicebase

              Vlad Kolesnikov

              Microsoft, Principal Software Engineer

              Mark Skarpness

              Intel, Vice President Embedded OS

                Shawn Zhong

                Agora.io, Chief Scientist

                  Varun Singh

                  callstats.io, CEO/Founder

                    Ahmad Abdulkader

                    Voicera, CTO

                      James Cadd

                      Microsoft, Program Manager

                        Faouzi Kossentini

                        Intel, Director of Architecture and Engineering

                          Brian Pulito

                          IBM, Lead architect Watson

                            Gustavo Garcia

                            Houseparty, Software Engineer

                              Kelly Tran


                                Jozsef Vass

                                Discord, Sr Software Engineer

                                  Niklas Blum

                                  Google, Product Manager WebRTC

                                    Huib Kleinhout

                                    Google, Product Manager

                                    Justin Uberti

                                    Google, Principle Engineer

                                    The Kranky Geek Event is organized by

                                    Chad Hart


                                    Editor and technical blogger on WebRTC and co-organizer on this event

                                    Chris Koehncke


                                    Prolific writer & commenter on emerging communications technologies

                                    Tsahi Levent-Levi


                                    A technologist at heart, with a passion for cooking, science fiction and a zest of WebRTC