Event Schedule

15 November 2019

9:00 am
~ 1 hour

Event registration

Doors Open. Welcome to the 9th Kranky Geek event! The event will start promptly at 10:00 am.

10:00 am
~ 10 min


Welcome and event overview from Kranky Geek!

~ 20 min

WASM and WebRTC: Building for Browsers, Mobile and Servers with one codebase

How to leverage Web Assembly with WebRTC for improved code mobility.

~ 20 min
Project Zero

WebRTC Security, Fuzzing, and more!

Natalie will review Project Zero’s work finding WebRTC vulnerabilities and what you can do to secure your implementation.

~ 20 min


~ 20 min

Fixing WebRTC IP leaks with mDNS host candidates

“WebRTC leaks my private IP” has been an ongoing concern since 2015. Why is this a problem, how much of it is FUD and how can the problem be solved using mDNS to obfuscate host candidates.

~ 50 min
Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla

Browsers Roundtable

A one of a kind session. All browser vendors will be sitting with us at the same time discussing their plans and the work they are doing with WebRTC. Find out the latest and what’s next with all the major browsers in this interaction session.

~ 60 minutes

Lunch Break

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and coffee/tea/water will be served during the event. Vegetarian, gluten free, and vegan meals will be served. You are also welcome to bring your own food, if you’d like.

~ 10 min

Girl Develop It!

Kranky Geek is proud to sponsor Girl Develop It! Lets give them a moment to explain their mission.

~ 20 min

Making Voicebots come to Life

How to effectively add the latest transcription, speech synthesis, natural language understanding, and bot technology to your RTC application.

~ 20 min


~ 20 min

Handling 4K WebRTC Streams with Embedded Hardware

Ramping up your typical WebRTC service up to 4K while maintaining consistent, high quality introduces many unique challenges.

~ 20 mins


~ 20 min

Speech analytics

Understanding and transcribing speech in a real-world, noisy meeting environment is no simple task. We will cover the latest in speech transcription and natural language understanding technology and the specifics of how they apply to interactive RTC streams.

~ 20 min

Improving intelligibility with spatial audio

Our ears are naturally tuned to work in unison, making sense of differences each ear hears and determining direction. This talk will examine spatial audio and other techniques for providing a high quality communications experience.

~ 20 min

ML in RTC - continous innovation

~ 20 min


Get some food, ask some questions, make some connections.

~ 30 min

WebRTC project updates

The Google WebRTC team will return for their annual update and review.

~ 20 min
Phantom Auto

Optimizing H.264 Encoding for Self-driving Cars

WebRTC support for H.264 is limited, especially in the native implementation. The lack of tight coupling of the encoder with WebRTC’s congestion control engine makes it hard to maintain QoS especially for use cases with highly variable network conditions, such as teleoperation. The major challenge is translating WebRTC’s bitrate requests into the proper commands for the encoder, as simply setting bitrate cap doesn’t lead to satisfactory results.

We conducted a massive grid search of H.264 parameters including quantization, bitrate, resolution and other to find profiles that yield the best quality for a given required bitrate which dramatically improved the performance for teleoperation in challenging network environment.

~ 20 mins

WebRTC and Machine Learning on small edge devices - a how-to guide

Till will show how to run WebRTC on Google’s Coral Edge TPU Development Board mounted on a small robot.

He’ll describe the realtime control path from the camera/H.264 via WebRTC to a browser and back (via the data channel)
to the motors. We will use WebRTC to drive the robot and collect training data for the AI, then build a Tensor Flow model.

Finally (hopefully) we will demo it driving itself around a track whilst we all watch through the on board camera.

17:20 - 19:00
~ 100 min


After Hours reception, with great wines from Grant Marie Winery, cocktails (including non alcoholic) from Alcademics, and live DJ music by Smoke Jumper


Many thanks to these premium sponsors for their economic & intellectual contribution to Kranky Geek worldwide events.
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Beverages for Kranky Geek supplied by Grant Marie Winery and the mixologists at alcademics
DJ music by Smoke Jumper

Expert speakers

Meet the great speakers at this year’s event

Tomas Gunnarsson

Director of Engineering, WebRTC, Google

    Paul Boustead

    Chief Architect, Dolby Communications Business Group

      Greg Whitworth

      Program Manager, Microsoft Edge

        Natalie Silvanovich

        Security Researcher on Google Project Zero

          Gleb Mezhanskiy

          Phantom Auto, Product Manager

            Shawn Zhong

            Agora.io, Chief Scientist

              Niklas Blum

              Google, Product Manager WebRTC

                Huib Kleinhout

                Google, Product Manager

                Youenn Fablet

                Software Engineer at Apple/Webkit

                  Justin Uberti

                  Distinguished Software Engineer, Google

                  Philipp Hancke


                  "fippo" is widely known in the WebRTC world for his insights and knowledge

                  Tim Panton


                  Nils Ohlmeier

                  Engineering Manager Firefox Media at Mozilla

                    The Kranky Geek Event is organized by

                    Chad Hart


                    Editor and technical blogger on WebRTC and co-organizer on this event

                    Chris Koehncke


                    Prolific writer & commenter on emerging communications technologies

                    Tsahi Levent-Levi


                    A technologist at heart, with a passion for cooking, science fiction and a zest of WebRTC