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We’re excited for the 6th year, Kranky Geek San Francisco

2:20 PM

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3:30 PM

Scaling into crowded space

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9:00 PM
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WebRTC - it's come a long way

Get the information you need to implement YOUR application

Keynote speakers

Meet our great speakers from past events

Sam Dutton

Google WebRTC Advocate

Chief developer advocate for WebRTC within Google and great fun.

    Niklas Blum

    Google PM WebRTC

    10+ years experience working in R&D for innovative communication services.

      Justin Uberti

      Google, Principle Engineer

      Technical lead for Duo, WebRTC; co-lead for Allo. Occasional mathematician, physicist, and musician.

      Philipp Hancke


      "fippo" is widely known in the WebRTC world for his insights and knowledge.

      Chad Hart


      Editor and technical blogger on WebRTC and co-organizer on this event.

        Chris Koehncke


        Prolific writer & commenter on emerging communications technologies.

        Tsahi Levent-Levi


        A technologist at heart, with a passion for cooking, science fiction and a zest of WebRTC.

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          Why Attend?

          Embedding real-time communications is quickly becoming the norm for nearly all web and mobile applications. WebRTC has been an enabling force to voice or video enable nearly any application.

          Communications used to be difficult, requiring special skills and knowledge. WebRTC has made things easier, but there are still some basic principals you’ll need to know to enable your application.

          The objective of this event is to (1) provide technical knowledge on the construct of WebRTC, (2) show you real life examples of how to embed into your application, (3) inspire you with new ideas from our speakers.

          This Kranky Geek WebRTC India tour includes stops in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. We’ll have a core set of speakers plus special local guest speakers at each location.

          Please note, we will have limited space so registration only if you plan to attend. Food & drink will be provided. Stay tuned to email updates as we get closer to the event dates.


          Many thanks to these sponsors for their economic & intellectual contribution to Kranky Geek worldwide events.