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WebRTC for developers. Our 5th event!

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We are pleased to announce our 5th Kranky Geek WebRTC event hosted by Google. This is a great opportunity to learn about Real Time Communications for web and mobile applications. With over 1 billion minutes a week of WebRTC-based communications, applications of all sorts are utilizing these powerful & free capabilities.

We are hosting TWO (2) events in a relatively short period: Friday, November 18th at Google San Francisco's Spear Street location (7th floor) - focus on WebRTC for mobile applications. Tuesday, November 22nd at Google in São Paulo, Brazil - focus on getting started with WebRTC and its underlying technologies. Below are the agendas for each of these separate events.

We're expecting a large crowd of interested and keen developers ready to learn the latest on Real Time Communications. Twitter #webrtclive

Registration is open now! Please register for the SPECIFIC event location of your choice. We will have replays of the event posted following the event.

Registration for Sao Paulo is FREE.

11:00 AM
Doors Open

Doors open, remember you must have been previously ticket or on the waitlist to attend (donation of $15 at the door). Sorry no walk-ins allowed.

Google Spear Street

Introductions, review of the afternoon, and thanks to our sponsors.

Speaker: Chad Hart

Company: webrtcHacks

Mobile RTC development can be hard. There can be complex notification, battery management, and user experience issues unique to the mobile environment, not to mention iOS vs. Android differences. The great news is there are a growing number of mature tools and methodologies for building with WebRTC on mobile. Ankur will provide a framework to help you get started and set the stage for where to go next.

Key Topics: mobile specific issue- battery, notifications/ringing Backgrounding, UI, Audio/video hardware (bluetooth) Web/hybrid vs. native iOS vs. Android

Speaker: Tsahi Levent-Levi

Google offers many options for WebRTC on Android. Getting started with Android’s native Chrome webview is easy, but what are its limits? We will also discuss reasons for using the native WebRTC bindings, walk through building a basic app, and review Android specific optimizations for WebRTC.

Key Topics: Webview & tips/tricks; Native development: Setting up your build environment, permissions,videoCapture, peerConnection, & rendering walkthrough, environment optimizations

Speaker: César Guirao

Company: Tokbox

Google offers a WebRTC implementation on iOS, but that’s a small part of what you’ll need to know when integrating WebRTC into your iOS app. Arik will take us through the basics of what to expect during that porting and integration period, making sure to touch the latest CallKit API available in iOS 10.

Key Topics: Fetching and building, Using the iOS WebRTC SDK, WebRTC on iOS architecture, Using iOS 10 Callkit

Speaker: Arik Halperin

Company: Greenfield Tech

Modern video apps do a lot more than stream video straight from the camera. Screen sharing, image processing, and pre-recorded video are increasingly common. Chris will give us a taste of how to implement features like these and more leveraging WebRTC.

Key Topics: Custom video capturers, Screen sharing & co-browsing, Client-side image processing

Speaker: Chris Eagleston

Company: Twilio

Let's say you want to develop a cross platform application. One covering mobile operating systems, browsers and desktop applications. This is the exact challenge that Slack faced when they added voice to their platform, and Andrew is here to explain what strategy they took when determining how to develop a cross platform WebRTC application and where to go with platform-specific implementations.

Key Topics: Lessons learned. Cross-language APIs with Djinni, and other alternatives we considered. Where to draw the line between shared and platform-specific implementations. Build systems.

Speaker: Andrew MacDonald

Company: Slack

How do you go about developing a hybrid WebRTC application that will run anywhere? Where can things go wrong? Emil will walk his through his experience using React Native with WebRTC..

Key Topics: Review of Hybrid app development w/ WebRTC, Hybrid app options, Review of using React

Speaker: Emil Ivov

Company: Atlassian

Scalable Video Coding (SVC) is an advanced layering technique that is finding new life with broader use of H.264 and VP9. Historically SVC was often looked at as a technique that is suitable only for large multi-party video sessions, but we will show where it has value in one-to-one scenarios too. As Gene will show, many of SVC’s advantages are particularly relevant for mobile environments.

Key Topics: Video approaches - Simulcast & SVC, Basics of SVC, How can SVC be used to improve mobile video experience, The state of SVC in mobile and codecs, H.264 or VP9 on mobile today?

Speaker: Gene Gershanok

Company: Vidyo

You build your mobile application and you are ramping users, but you experience intermittent issues? How do you figure out what’s wrong when there is so much at play in mobile environments? Who better than super WebRTC sleuth Philipp Hancke to end the day to walk through mobile troubleshooting tools and methods. He will demonstrate these tools by peeling back the onion on how Google implemented WebRTC as a core ingredient for Duo the mobile application.

Key Topics: instant-video setup, codecs, network handovers

Speaker: Philipp Hancke


The most popular session of the day as Google's WebRTC team takes you through the latest enhancements and details of this core technology. The presenters will provide a deep dive into the WebRTC audio processing pipeline and ongoing development work, especially current work to address the challenges we are facing when using the native hardware audio processing functionality on consumer devices.

Key Topics: News, Stats, and Audio Processing Internals

Speaker: Niklas Blum, Justin Uberti & Per Ahgren

Company: Google

With the recent IoT powered Botnet attacks in the news, the security of webcams and other IoT devices has become a hot topic. Applying the lessons from 10 years of VoIP experience, Tim will describe the problem and show how to build a simple, secure, private, WebRTC based webcam on a small ARM device.

Key Topics: Security, IoT, Botnets, ICE

Speaker: Tim Panton

Company: |pipe|

11:00 AM
Registration Doors Olá!

Doors open, remember you must have been previously registered or on the waitlist to attend. Sorry no walk-ins allowed.

Google - São Paulo

Introductions, review of the afternoon, and thanks to our sponsors

Key Topics: Agenda, sponsor thank you

Speaker: Tsahi Levent-Levi


WebRTC from simple snapping a quick picture to sophisticated communications applications, WebRTC's powerful API enables an entire new range of communication applications on both mobile and desktop. Let's take a look at applications using it today.

Key Topics: General and interesting use cases where WebRTC is being used, look into what the Brazil market holds and where WebRTC fits

Speaker: Tsahi Levent-Levi


Just getting started with WebRTC? This is the tutorial for you. Germán from will take you WebRTC’s 3 main API’s, run through the checklist for deployment, and review some of the added considerations for mobile environments.

Key Topics: Walkthrough of 3 main API’s Web vs. mobile Checklist of considerations - HTTPS, media permissions, etc.

Speaker: Germán Goldenstein

Company: webrtc.Ventures

While WebRTC is largely a peer-to-peer technology, it does still require servers to help signal the initial connection, navigate NATs, and to support advanced calling scenarios. Chad will review the basics of what is needed for a WebRTC signaling server, how WebRTC’s Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) process works with STUN and TURN servers, and touch on uses for media servers.

Key Topics: Signaling considerations ICE, STUN, TURN details Media server intro

Speaker: Chad Hart


When you develop the signaling component for your WebRTC product there are certain pitfalls you may want to factor in in advance. Especially if you are about to conquer the world with your service. In this session, Daniel will explain a few of the tricks and optimizations Google used when rolling out Duo to make it super fast.

Key Topics: Low latency signaling: Reliability of signaling Improving call setup time in mobile environments Handling geographical spread

Speaker: Daniel Petersson

Company: Google

Nothing is worse than finding out you are losing potential users because they can’t connect on their first try. Microphone, camera, and connectivity issues can stop your users cold before they even make a call. In this session we will explore how to make sure calls work before the user tries and how to leverage

Key Topics: Mic capture and Camera resolution quirks, Working with constraints, Using device enumeration, Pre-call connection testing, Using

Speaker: Marcio Affonso

Company: Tokbox

Let’s play with WebRTC statistics and the getStats() API. WebRTC Stats expert Varun Singh will review the many statistics WebRTC provides, what they mean, and how to use them to keep your service running smoothly.

Key Topics: getStats API, How to interpret stats

Speaker: Varun Singh


Its less about squashing bugs but more about answering the question "what happened" that a nasty product manager or customer support person is going to ask you.

Key Topics: Tools Process & methodology, Walkthrough of some examples

Speaker: Philipp Hancke


Google's WebRTC team always has interesting information to share on what they're working on to improve WebRTC and things they've already done that you may not be aware of. Don't miss this important session of the day!

Speaker: Niklas Blum

Company: Google

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WebRTC - it's come a long way

Get the information you need to implement YOUR application

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What you will learn

The purpose of this event is to jump start your knowledge about WebRTC and provide you with relevant information to enable you to make the right choices in your development effort.

  • Basics & advanced WebRTC understanding
  • Hear experiences of those who've built applications
  • Mix with a group interested in next gen communications
About us

This event is a collaboration between Chris "Kranky" Koehncke ( and Tsahi Levi-Levent ( as well as Chad Hart (, who have been passionate bloggers on the topic of WebRTC.

We participate in events around the world but felt these events weren't inspiring a new era of thinking about communications or the underlying power of WebRTC. This San Francisco event is targeted to the HTML5 developer looking to learn more about WebRTC and create the inspiration for the next generation of web applications with a bi-directional communications path.

Kranky Geek WebRTC


The ONE WebRTC event you don't wanna miss

Niklas Blum

Niklas Blum

Google PM WebRTC

10+ years experience working in R&D for innovative communication services.

John Doe

Sam Dutton

Google WebRTC Advocate

Chief developer advocate for WebRTC within Google and great fun.

John Doe

Chad Hart

Editor and technical blogger on WebRTC and co-organizer on this event.

John Doe

Chris Koehncke

Prolific writer & commenter on emerging communications technologies.

John Doe

Tsahi Levent-Levi

A technologist at heart, with a passion for cooking, science fiction and a zest of WebRTC.

Chris Eagleston

Chris Eagleston - Twilio


Mobile Developer, WebRTC comms enthusiast @Twilio, and formerly @Perch.

John Doe

Philipp Hancke

"fippo" is widely known in the WebRTC world for his insights and knowledge.

Andrew MacDonald

Andrew MacDonald

Software Engineer at Slack

Building Slack's RTC service; previously a developer on WebRTC.

Gene Gershanok

Gene Gershanok

Sr Director on Engineering Vidyo

A developer who loves to build Real-Time communication platforms.

Marcio Affonso

Marcio Affonso

Developer at Tokbox

Tokbox engineer with passion for math and chess. Fanatic fan of Palmeiras.

Varun Singh

Varun Signh

CEO at

RTC Ph.D., stats guru, and IETF/W3C contributor from Finland.

Emil Ivov

Emil Ivov

Chief Video Architect at Atlassian

Well known for his project leadership with WebRTC open source project JITSI.

César Guirao

César Guirao

Mobile Engineer at Tokbox

Mobile WebRTC guru and indie game developer.

Gene Gershanok

Tim Panton


A regular at Kranky Geek with wacky but insightful demos

Lyubo Marinov

Lyubo Marinov


Cross-platform RTC software developer & mobile enthusiast.

Arik Halperin

Arik Halperin

Greenfield Tech

Long-time mobile Development Professional

Germán Goldenstein

Germán Goldenstein


A software developer and WebRTC lover

Why attend?

Embedding real-time communications is quickly becoming the norm for nearly all web and mobile applications. WebRTC has been an enabling force to voice or video enable nearly any application.

Communications used to be difficult, requiring special skills and knowledge. WebRTC has made things easier, but there are still some basic principals you'll need to know to enable your application.

The objective of this event is to (1) provide technical knowledge on the construct of WebRTC, (2) show you real life examples of how to embed into your application, (3) inspire you with new ideas from our speakers and finally (4) a focused series of talks on WebRTC on mobile devices.

Based on the success of previous Kranky Geek events, we have two new events scheduled closed together. Friday, November 18 in San Francisco and Tuesday, November 22 in São Paulo Brazil.

If you can't attend, we will have replays posted (sign up for the WebRTC Weekly newsletter below to ensure you get the links).

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Many thanks to these sponsors for their economic & intellectual contribution to this event.

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Girl Develop It!

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Ticket sales from Kranky Geek San Francisco will be donated to Girl Develop It!

Girl Develop It is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide affordable and judgment-free opportunities for women interested in learning web and software development. Through in-person classes and community support, Girl Develop It helps women of diverse backgrounds achieve their technology goals and build confidence in their careers and their every day lives.


Event Venue

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San Francisco Location
San Francisco

Friday, November 18, 2016 starting at 11:00 am

Our 4th event at Google's 345 Spear Street location (7th floor) with nice view of the bay, and neighbored Google's famed cafeteria. This event is always sold out early so register now. Parking garage is nearby and a short walk from the Embarcardo BART station.

  • This event will focus on mobile RTC topics
  • We'll cover all the building application blocks you'll need
  • Get new ideas for how to apply RTC to your app
São Paulo, Brazil

Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 3477 - 18 Floor

Itaim BIbi

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 starting at 11:00 am

Our 1st event for São Paulo and we're excited to see you there.

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