Kranky Geek is back for ANOTHER virtual event on Thursday, 22 April 2021. Each session will be LIVE broadcast on YouTube and there will be a real-time Q&A following each session. Sessions will be available for replay post the event. Register your interest to be kept informed.

We’re focusing (as always) on content and information with limited “talking heads” and keeping an active pace.

Kranky Geek Spring Virtual 2021

Thursday, April 22nd

11:00 Eastern
~10 min
Kranky Geek

Welcome to Kranky Geek

Glad to have you here, lets review what happened with WebRTC in 2021 and how is that affecting our event today and the future for all of us.

11:10 Eastern
~ 20 min

Adapting WebRTC for gaming

Stadia presented a new challenge for YouTube live streaming because of the high bitrates and unique color spaces. We had to adapt WebRTC to be able to solve this problem.

11:30 Eastern

Modern Call Signalling for WebRTC

What if WebRTC setup could be more than just ad hoc HTTP, WebSockets or SIP? Discover how Matrix designed a modern VoIP signalling open protocol specifically for WebRTC. The result? End-to-end encrypted voice and video calling in a decentralised, open federated network of 30M+ users.

11:50 Eastern
~20 min

Distributing SFUs using virtual networks

Virtual networks over the public internet are commonly used to improve routing. Learn how to leverage virtual networks to build a globally distributed SFU network that can handle a high number of callers per conference.


Media quality

Reducing latency on the public internet could be unpredictable and when you add AI and ML to the mix, it can be even more daunting. Learn tips on how to easily improve your public internet latency while also adding AI and ML to your video calls.

12:40 Eastern
~ 20 min

Making WebRTC on the Mobile Web Wonderful

WebRTC and mobile browsers have matured to a point that it is now possible to build fully functional, web-based calling applications on mobile – no native app deployments required. In this talk, Twilio will highlight common pitfalls and review best practices for performant web apps tuned for the unique mobile web environment.

13:00 Eastern
~20 min

Optimized real time audio is not just for work meetings

The pandemic has pushed real time communications into new domains such as live concerts, music lessons, and virtual environments. Optimizing audio in these settings is very different from typical voice quality tuning for office meetings. In this session, Dolby will share learning from its research on improving audio in these exciting new real time communications use cases.

13:20 Eastern
~ 20 min

Lyra - a new low bandwidth audio codec made with ML

There is a new audio codec on the block! See how the Google team used ML to build a code that can operate comfortably at bandwidth rates as low as 3kbps


Post Event: Break-out sessions

Before you go home! Wait, you’re already at home. Come meet some of the speakers in our various break out rooms for real 1:1 engagement. Registered users will receive links to join.


Many thanks to Google for 5+ years of sponsorship of Kranky Geek as we help developers build real time applications using WebRTC.
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Expert speakers

Meet the great speakers at this year’s event

Britt Cyr

Software Engineer, YouTube

    Dave Baker

    Senior Software Engineer, Element

      Donal Toomey

      Platform Product Leader, Twilio

        Arnaud Budkiewicz

        Senior Director, Video Engineering, RingCentral

          Jan Skoglund

          Software Staff Engineer, Google

            Jamieson Brettle

            Product Manager, Google

              Ying Yin

              Senior Software Engineer Technical Lead, YouTube

                Ben Weekes

                Sr. Architect, Agora Inc.

                  Paul Boustead

                  Chief Architect, Dolby Communications Business Group

                    The Kranky Geek Event is organized by

                    Chad Hart


                    Editor and technical blogger on WebRTC and co-organizer on this event

                    Chris Koehncke


                    Prolific writer & commenter on emerging communications technologies

                    Tsahi Levent-Levi


                    A technologist at heart, with a passion for cooking, science fiction and a zest of WebRTC
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