How it started

As WebRTC enthusiasts, we were frustrated by the lack of awareness of the technology and how difficult it was to find non-commercial, in-depth information from actual practitioners. We were sick of flying to expensive conferences to listen to┬árepetitive sales pitches. At the urging of the industry’s thought leaders, we set out to try something different.

What we do

Our goal is to bring knowledge of WebRTC and related technologies with┬áthe practical expertise to anyone with interest at absolutely no charge to the viewer. We invite the industry’s most respected practitioners to speak at intimate events where the focus is on the talks. We strictly review, refine, and rehearse the content to make sure it is compelling and useful. We always the needs of the audience before sponsors. We make all our content in its entirety is freely available to all. We strive to provide remote and post-event viewers a first-class experience, no matter where or when they happen to be watching.

Who we are

Kranky Geek was founded Tsahi Levant-Levi and Chris Koehncke in 2014 and was later joined by Chad Hart.