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Next Kranky Geek Event at Bengaluru, India

Please note this event is being held at MLR Convention Centre.

Schedule for the next event

19 March 2016 11:00 AM
This is a great opportunity to learn about WebRTC first hand, find out what others have done and see first hand how to create a WebRTC application. While we’ve got some sponsors, this is an educational event to help you getting a better understanding of WebRTC.

[session time=”12:00 PM” title=”Welcome to KrankyGeek India” speaker=”Tsahi Levent-Levi”]Settle in, and see what KrankyGeek is all about.[/session]

[session time=”12:10 PM” title=”WebRTC Basics”]If you are new to WebRTC, then fear no more! One of the experts in the field is going to guide you through the basic concepts of WebRTC.[/session]

[session time=”12:30 PM” title=”Developing an Education platform in your market” speaker=”Vedantu”]Learn firsthand how Vedantu built an education platform from scratch to cater the local India market.[/session]

[session time=”12:50 PM” title=”TBD – Placeholder”][/session]

[session time=”13:10 PM” title=”TBD – Placeholder”][/session]

[session time=”13:30 PM” title=”Break – power up folks, more coming”][/session]

[session time=”14:00 PM” title=”Going mobile” speaker=”tlkn”]What do you do when you need to go mobile with WebRTC? If you port on your own, then there are some challenges to address. The tlkn team has been there, and will share their experiences and pain with you.[/session]

[session time=”14:20 PM” title=”TBD – Placeholder”][/session]

[session time=”14:40 PM” title=”TBD – Placeholder”][/session]

[session time=”15:00 PM” title=”Live broadcasting with WebRTC” speaker=”Badri Rajasekar”]TokBox recently launched Spotlight – a live broadcasting service making use of WebRTC. Where does WebRTC fits in live broadcasts and how to go about implementing it? Learn everything there is to know from Badri Rajasekar, CTO of TokBox[/session]

[session time=”15:20 PM” title=”Google – WebRTC moving forward” speaker=”The Google WebRTC Team]Google will be here on stage, giving you an extensive overview on what’s to come to WebRTC in Chrome in 2016. This is a session you definitely don’t want to miss![/session]

[session time=”16:20 PM” title=”Break – power up folks, more coming”][/session]

[session time=”16:40 PM” title=”TBD – Placeholder”][/session]

[session time=”17:00 PM” title=”Demo time!”]Our traditional on-stage live demo, where you can see how WebRTC can be stitched into an interesting use case.[/session]

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This is a great opportunity to learn about WebRTC first hand, find out what others have done.

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