Event Schedule

Our 5th year of Kranky Geek


Many thanks to these sponsors for their economic & intellectual contribution to Kranky Geek worldwide events.

Expert speakers

Meet the great speakers at this year’s event

Matthew Hodgson

Technical Co-founder, Matrix.org

    Mattie Ruth Backman

    Senior Product Engineer, Daily.co

      Dave Baker

      Senior Software Engineer, Element

        Arnaud Budkiewicz

        Senior Director, Video Engineering, RingCentral

          Tomas Gunnarsson

          Director of Engineering, WebRTC, Google

            Paul Boustead

            Chief Architect, Dolby Communications Business Group

              Shawn Zhong

              Agora.io, Chief Scientist

                Niklas Blum

                Google, Product Manager WebRTC

                  Huib Kleinhout

                  Google, Product Manager

                  The Kranky Geek Event is organized by

                  Chad Hart


                  Editor and technical blogger on WebRTC and co-organizer on this event

                  Chris Koehncke


                  Prolific writer & commenter on emerging communications technologies

                  Tsahi Levent-Levi


                  A technologist at heart, with a passion for cooking, science fiction and a zest of WebRTC