Kranky Geek Schedule for Today

11:00 Eastern
~10 min
Kranky Geek

Welcome to Kranky Geek

Glad to have you here, lets review what happened with WebRTC in 2020 and how is that affecting our event today and the future for all of us.

11:10 Eastern
~30 min

Scaling FB Video Chat Products With Covid-19

With the beginning of Covid-19 outbreak, Facebook felt the increasing demand for real time video. In a very short time we introduced a new product, Rooms, to make it easier for people to connect with others and feel the sense of togetherness. In this talk we will cover the challenges and solutions around scaling our infrastructure to support large Rooms, ensure sufficient capacity with the increasing demand, and delivering high quality on a large range of calling scenarios.

11:40 Eastern
~ 40 min
Browser Update

Checking the pulse of WebRTC implementations

All browser vendors will be sitting with us at the same time discussing their plans and the work they are doing with WebRTC. Find out the latest and what’s next with all the major browsers in this interaction session. Sure to be entertaining!

12:20 Eastern
~30 min

Implementing Always End-to-End Encryption in the Browser

WebRTC is end-to-end encrypted (E2EE ) in simple peer to peer sessions, but middle boxes like media servers often perform decryption for larger calls. Emil Ivov of 8×8 will review how 8×8  leveraged new browser API’s with WebRTC to provide true, always-on E2EE in the open source Jitsi project.

12:50 Eastern
~30 min

Scaling Multiparty Video Calls for Client Endpoints

Vonage has seen an unprecedented growth in overall traffic since the COVID-19 outbreak. With the urgent need for real-time video for the multiparty use case, there’s an increased importance and criticality of client endpoints performing at high levels in group video calls. Scaling a multiparty video call requires optimizing both the client and server. In this talk, we’ll cover best practices and the importance of scaling and optimizing client endpoints to ensure a great video experience in the browser and mobile applications.

13:20 Eastern
~ 40 min

WebRTC project update

The Google WebRTC team will return for their annual update and review.